ITIJ TV: Providing Pre-travel Advice to Business Travellers is Critical for Cost Containment

For businesses that send employees abroad, keeping them informed throughout their travels is crucial. Well-informed travellers are better able to protect their health and safety, in turn reducing costs to the business in the form of unnecessary medical bills and other expenses.

ITIJ TV spoke to a number of industry experts, including Ingle International CEO Robin Ingle, for a more detailed look at the importance of pre-travel advice. Robin gave a rundown of some of the basic but critical things that businesses can keep travellers informed of—for instance, how safe is the tap water at the destination? Where are the local health care facilities? Is any dangerous weather to be expected?

Today, Robin points out, it’s easier than ever to keep travellers informed throughout their trip, as there are web portals and mobile applications like our own Travel Navigator that can provide constant assistance.

To learn more about the importance of pre-travel advice watch the video here, or take a look below:

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